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Celebrating 37 Years!


Car Craft Collision Specialists in Berkeley, California has been in business since January 1985. We run a small but very effective operation, which allows us to take personal care of each customer and their vehicles. Our customers are much more than another car repair, they are the reason we have been in business for many years. The personal approach to the repair of your vehicle in a timely manner and for reasonable prices is the main goal at Car Craft in Berkeley. Being a family business, we strive to make you a part of it, not only in the repair choices but also by providing you with the means and knowledge on how to approach your claim if you decide to pursue the repairs through your insurance company.


We are true believers that we owe to the world, our planet Earth, more than it owes to us. Therefore, we strive to use environmentally friendly materials and recyclable parts when the need arises, not only to reduce your expense but to avoid more waste. When we need to replace a part on your vehicle, it will be from the same manufacturer, either with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, recyclable used parts, or re-manufactured parts (for bumpers).


Through the years, Car Craft has established a strong and trustworthy relationship with all insurance companies, but we also recognize that we work for you, not for the insurance company. It is for this major reason that our loyalty is 100% towards you, our valued customers. Our repair agreements with your particular insurance company will never jeopardize the quality, integrity, value, and confidence that you have put in us.


Properly repairing today’s complex vehicles requires more expert knowledge and specialized equipment than ever before. From minor dings to major collision damage, our skilled personnel has the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to restore your vehicle to pre-crash condition. Every operation from realigning unibody components to installing decorative trim must meet our demanding standards of quality. Our state-of-the-art repair techniques assure that you receive the highest quality of bodywork.

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