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I was involved in a “fender-bender.”  I have insurance on my vehicle, what do I do next?

Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and for you to be completely satisfied with their claim service. You should be aware of your specific rights and obligations. In other words, review your policy and understand your rights. 

It seems that my insurance company and the body shop cannot come to an agreed price, what do I do next?

If an agreement cannot be reached between your insurance company and the repair shop, your policy has an “Appraisal Clause” whereby an independent appraiser can be called in to help resolve the matter.


The insurance company is asking me to get estimates for my damaged car, do I have to?

You are not required by law to get more than one estimate.


The insurance company is telling me to repair my car AT “X Body Shop”. Don't I have a choice?

You may have the shop of your choice make the repairs. You are not required to use a shop selected by a claim's adjuster. However, you are required by your policy to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them.


Who should authorize the repairs on my car?

Only you, the owner, can authorize repairs on your vehicle.


I’ve decided to shop around before I make a choice of who will fix my car, any ideas on “low vs. high” estimates?

Repair estimates will vary. A lower estimate may not include necessary things such as front or rear wheel alignments, re-aiming your headlamps, or safety check-ups.


When do I have to sign a release on my insurance claim?

Sign releases only when the repairs have been completed to your satisfaction.


Who pays for the repairs on my car?

The vehicle is being repaired for YOU, the owner. You will be required to pay for the repairs upon completion.  To avoid delays, it will be up to you to secure payment from your insurance company along with any necessary endorsements from lien holders.


If I am having difficulties with my insurance company, do I have a recourse?

YES – First consult with your insurance agent or broker. Then, if your problems still have not been resolved, consult with the Department of Insurance, State of California, at their offices in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego.


Car Craft in Berkeley stands ready to assist you in any of these matters.  We will work closely with you to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction.

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