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5 stars

Alex A. - San Francisco, CA

I was recommended to Car Craft by a trustworthy local dealership in Berkeley after my car was considered totaled during a highway collision. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience.

The people there are respectful, kind, and honest; especially the owner, Marco, who went out of his way to keep me updated on the status of my vehicle as it was being repaired, had candid conversations with me about what to expect, and kindly offered additional custom services that were uniquely helpful to my specific circumstance.

Car Craft gave me an exceedingly reasonable quote for a full-repair of my vehicle, after walking me through the options in detail (e.g., whether or not to get certain non-essential parts repaired, whether to replace broken parts with used or new, etc). I felt good about using them from the moment we met, and I'm happy to report that the vehicle repair was well done, with no surprise costs.

They came through on the price as promised and were transparent the whole way through. When the repairs were done, I was given a detailed breakdown of costs for parts and labor for each part of the car that needed repair, nearly instantly after I requested it, that lined up exactly with what had been discussed and agreed to at the beginning.

I would use Car Craft again any time the car needs additional collision service. I found them to be a trustworthy, straightforward, and transparent group that provided honest service for a great price.

Thanks again to Car Craft for repairing my vehicle with integrity.

5 stars

Emily S. - Berkeley, CA

I just got my car fixed after an accident. i was really pleased with car craft. they fixed my car in a timely manner, the service was great, they dealt with my insurance and did a fabulous job in general. i cant recommend them enough.

5 stars

Dan B. - Berkeley, CA

We had relatively minor, but potentially very expensive, body damage to our 2017 RAV4. The estimate we got from our dealer -- who we like, by the way -- was in the $3,000 range. So we just deferred dealing with the issue for several years. We finally decided to do something about it and went to Car Craft after getting a recommendation from The Model Garage. We can't say enough about how pleased we were with the experience: Marco gave us a very clear, detailed estimate and walked us through how the price could vary based on the possibility of unseen damage to electronics and other components. In the end, the cost was on the low end of Marco's estimate (and less than half the figure we got from Toyota several years ago). We found the entire crew -- Marco, Joanne (the office manager) and Geraldo (the tech guy) to be friendly, straightforward and helpful. They even gave our car a much needed and very thorough cleaning after they were all done with the body work. Bottom line: Best automotive shop experience ever. We wouldn't hesitate recommending Car Craft to anyone looking for collision repair.

5 stars

Matthew B. - Albany, CA

I cannot speak highly enough about this shop. Marco and Justine are phenomenal and truly go above and beyond to make sure it is a satisfactory experience. For my car I had some scratching on it, Marco was willing to drive out of his way and look at the car in person before giving me a quote. The tech did an amazing paint job and then they dropped the car off for me at my house. I haven't been to another body shop where they take such good care of you. Pricing is fair and he came at the recommendation from Jeffrey at Patti's Auto Care. If you need work done, give them a call.

5 stars

Barbara M . - Oakland, CA

My Lexus was side-swiped in a parking lot and I needed the car repaired in a set time frame due to travel plans. I had been referred to Car Craft by my car mechanic in Berkeley whose opinion I trust. Marco and his staff were very professional. They quickly assessed the damage and were familiar with the insurance company of the driver who hit my car. They facilitated the work being approved and done in a timely manner. I liked that they offered to help me get a car rental and arranged for me to be picked up, too. Getting a car repaired and dealing with the variety of insurance, etc. staff can be stressful and Marco made the process go pretty smoothly.
I am happy with the results of working with him and his staff.

5 stars

Amy L . - Berkeley, CA

No one hopes to be in a place where you are dealing with car damage after an accident. But if you DO happen to get in an accident, there is no better group of folks than Car Craft to make the best of a bad situation.

Marco and the rest of the Car Craft team are thoughtful, empathetic, straight-forward, AND did excellent work on my car. I cannot recommend them more highly.

5 stars

Monica B . - Oakland, CA

My son was rear ended in his new to him Xmas gift a Toyota Tacoma. Marco and his guys did a fantastic job fixing the truck, can't even tell it was damaged!! I had a side issue as well, one of my son's teenage friends spilled lighter fluid on the back seat! The smell was AWFUL and even after getting it cleaned it still smelled. Marco was wonderful to help me figure out exactly what was soaked with this stuff! He took out the back seats so I was able to determine this was definitely a huge part of the smell. He made some recommendations about cleaning the carpet and is even storing the seats for me until I decide whether they can be cleaned or that I need to replace them. He and his crew are professional and friendly and do exactly what they say they are going to do in the time frame they say!! What a pleasant experience after having to deal with a damaged vehicle!! Thank you Marco!!

5 stars

Volker F. - Oakland, CA

A neighbor bumped into my parked car and we needed to figure out if it's worth getting the insurance involved. Justine and the tech talked me through the options in a clear, straight forward way that was very considerate and aligned with my intentions: keeping it simple while also wanting to feel good about the way the car looks afterwards. They were also really helpful in finding a good time to make the repairs while I was traveling so I would not have to rent a car.

And the car looks awesome! I don't know how they can even out a bump in the door and repaint it in a way that it looks like straight from the factory - but they did :-)

This was hands down my best experience with a car repair shop and they far exceeded my highest hopes. They are great people and all the 5 star reviews are earned and deserved.

5 stars

Sean K. - Concord, CA

Car Craft recently repaired my car after an accident. The Car Craft team were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They coordinated all of the logistics with the insurance companies and my much needed rental car. When the repairs were completed, my car looked absolutely outstanding!!! Both my wife and I commented, "this looks brand new!!" Great Job!! Highly recommended!!

5 stars

Nancy T. - Berkeley, CA

I can't agree more with all the reviews here. My car was repaired promptly, the process with my insurance was handled smoothly, and the customer service was just awesome. Marcos and Justine were always so helpful. I am glad that I didn't go with the recommended car shop from my insurance. Car Craft - you have my utmost highest regards. I am recommending you to everyone!

5 stars

Nicky S. - Oakland, CA

Like the other reviews, I had a fantastic experience with Marco and Car Craft. My car was hit twice in a short period of time, with 2 different sets of damages and 2 different insurance companies. It was complicated and Marco was so incredible going to bat for me--helping me figure out the best strategy to get both accidents covered and when to get a rental car for each accident so that I would maximize my insurance coverage in addition to dealing with the insurance companies so that I didn't have to. Also, there was one part that couldn't be found easily for my 1999 Toyota Celica. For well over 6 weeks Marco searched endlessly for this part so he could save my car. In addition and completely unheard of, after my insurance company maxed out on the number of days I could get a rental car paid for, Marco lent me a loaner car for the duration of this time, saving me a bundle in money I otherwise would have spent on a rental car. I couldn't believe how generous he was. And available. Every time I called he was right there for me, helping me figure out the best way to deal with each problem as it arose. And humble and very loving. And honorable. Marco is a man who clearly loves his work and completely loves to help other people. Without his generosity, I would have not only spent a lot of money on a rental car, but also I likely would have had to have my car totaled which I didn't want to do. I can't give enough praise for the amazing experience I had with Car Craft and Marco. I am so grateful my mechanic referred me to him.

5 stars

Erica N. - Emeryville, CA

Marco and his crew are so lovely and did amazing work on my car. I will definitely be back the next time I need anything done. They were really easy to work with, had great communication, and great service!

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